Our Team 


Demetris Michalaki


Demetri Michalakis is a recognized international investor in the, energy, medical research and well-known commodities trader. With more than 25 years of experience building and funding multibillion-dollar hedge funds and private equity firms in the United States, Europe and Hong Kong, Middle East accumulated a substantial portfolio of public offerings through which innovation and pioneering engineering is successfully delivered to the market through value creation. Together with his group of companies and associated private equity funds Demetri accumulated capital fund structure in excess of  $50 billion dollars. In addition to venture capital and private equity funding now focused on investments in telecommunications, wireless and satellite communications, medical science and value creation.


Roy Drakos


Roy Drakos, from Viasat, is Inter-M Traders’ Principal Board Advisor for edge technology in renewable energy, cutting edge big data and internet of things infrastructures, global licensing, patent investments and strategic partnerships with private and state own enterprises. His unique skillset and experience was developed through an impressive track record spearheading technology designs, evolutions and delivery for multibillion dollar projects in blue chip companies both in London and the United State . Amongst his other charismas Roy is a technical authority in mobile satellite communications, spectrum licensing and wireless broadband networks. During his 25 years active career he developed an impressive track record in monetizing new technologies through value add services and successfully delivering global business strategies allowing key partnerships to grow.

Geoff Dixon . Wjpeg

Geoff Dixon

Associated Partner

Geoff Dixon is the member of Board of directors in Mentone Ltd., which is a subsidiary of Inter-M Traders.
Mr Dixon has over 35 years of experience in executive management positions, biotech businesses and in providing consulting and technology services to the Financial Services Industry. His management experience ranges from senior positions in large multi-nationals to being the lead in startup and entrepreneurial ventures. Businesses companies is a double plural-does not flow.
Mr Dixon has strong all-around executive management skills including strategy and business planning, a trained negotiator, budgeting and financial control, sales and client relationship management, staff and personnel management and delivery.