The underlying philosophy of Inter-M trader’s physical commodities trading approach is to realize the commercial potential of assets in markets where we have a comprehensive understanding of what influences value.
Our business is first and foremost a people’s business. We do not do business over the Internet and like to meet face to face with our counter parties before moving forward in a transaction unless referred to us and vouched for by a client of ours.
The 3 products we most extensively trade are: Oil derivatives and crude, Gold bullion and Iron Ore.
The 5 countries we particularly don’t do business with – directly or indirectly – are: Iran, Syria, Nigeria, Ghana and Sudan.

Trading is at the heart of Inter-M’s operations. Our company was built upon the successful trading of oil and crude products, which enabled us to invest in talent and expertise in new areas to steadily diversify into a fully integrated company.
Inter-M’s partners and customers rely on us because of our track record for properly mitigating risk and for being able to formulate creative and effective solutions that deliver.
Inter-M supports its trading activities through investments, both direct and indirect, in strategically located assets that produce further trading efficiencies.