Blackhawk Partners/Inter-M Traders and Woodside LLC sign a $500 Million Agreement to Fund & Facilitate the purchase and sale of commodities transactions (i.e.: Oil and Gold) and energy projects globally…

Blackhawk Partners/Inter- M Traders; two family offices involved in the physical commodities trading business, are excited to announce that they have signed today a Partnership Agreement with Woodside LLC; a finance provider involved in global physical commodity trading and investments. Blackhawk Partners/Inter-M Traders will secure and provide to the partnership commodities allocation(s) and Woodside LLC will finance the aforementioned transactions alongside highly opportunistic Energy investment projects as well

About Blackhawk Partners
Blackhawk Partners, Inc., led by seasoned financier Ziad K Abdelnour, is one of the world’s most reliable traders and suppliers of a wide range of commodities to industrial and financial consumers globally.

About Inter-M Traders
Inter-M Traders Ltd., led by veteran trader Demetri Michalakis, is a privately operated international trading firm focusing on the physical supply of energy products..

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